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Crown Pizza


Eat healthy with Crown’s Pizza

At Crown’s Pizza, we believe that healthy food is a basic need, not a luxury. Our nutritious power meals are prepared with whole wheat, are hand-tossed and are garnished with tasty, special ingredients. We aim for our food to become our customers’ favorite and for our restaurants to be comfortable, welcoming places to eat.

Investing in a Crown’s Pizza Franchise

We are looking for entrepreneurs to join us by choosing one of our investment options:

  • A multi-unit franchise of two to six outlets.
  • Become an area developer, owning the rights to a large territory
  • Own the master franchise rights.
  • The joint venture partnership model.

Why Join Us?

  • We have an established corporate image with brand awareness.
  • We provide extensive training and franchise support.
  • We already have a sound business model in place so you can focus on running a successful business.
  • Opening a Crown’s Pizza franchise is a great way for individuals to own their own business but with the benefit of support, backup and a recognized brand behind you.

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